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Prevent your customers getting frustrated by being left out the loop.

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...Upload your run

The first step is to upload your run in a xml or csv format. RouteDog will attempt to resolve postal codes if you are unable to provide latitude and longitudes.

Organise your routes...

Create one single route for collections, deliveries or both. Alternatively distribute your run into multiple routes.

...Optimise your routes

Use our clever algorithms and intuitive visual tool to optimise your route and calculate travel times and generate predicted time windows.

Commit & advise...

Once you are happy commit your routes and automatically advise your customers of their allocated time windows with rich emails and a tracking link.

...Utilising mobile technology

Your drivers can download and print off a runsheet with all the detail as well as scanning the route into their smartphone so they don’t have to fiddle with paperwork on the road.

Work smarter...

The moment your drivers set off, their GPS position will feedback to RouteDog to update their progress live. So you can keep customers updated if you’re running a little behind.

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